Launch of VeriSM™ : Unwrapped and Applied - a big thank you!

Launch of VeriSM™ : Unwrapped and Applied - a big thank you!

IFDC is proud and happy to announce that the 2nd VeriSM™ publication is now ready and available through Van Haren Publishing.

The VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied project was led by Chief Architect Claire Agutter and Lead Authors Suzanne D. van Hove and Johann Botha.

The content is provided by a global team of authors and collaborators numbering more than 70 individuals and organizations which has have provided a richly diverse body of knowledge.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the team that, through a shared vision, have brought the concept of a VeriSM approach to life through the useful, thought provoking and valuable content contained in VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied. You can see part of the team – their pictures / bio’s and quotes – here. A complete list of all contributors is also available .

Our authors explore many important factors including:

  • What digital transformation is.
  • Different approaches to digital transformation.
  • It’s implications for the entire organization, especially the people.
  • How to use the VeriSM model, describing the steps to develop, maintain and use the Management Mesh to deliver a new or changed product or service.
  • How service management methodologies, frameworks and approaches can be used across the whole organization, not just IT.
  • How an end to end strategy can tie together the organizational capabilities to produce consumer focused products and services.

The second part of the book focuses on VeriSM in the real world. This section is full of a wealth of comprehensive case studies, interviews and stories from early adopters of VeriSM providing valuable insight into their own VeriSM journey. We explore how and why they are using VeriSM, what obstacles they have tackled on their path, and what advice they would give.

Industry experts from other sectors including software, service design, sourcing, and technology provide up to date commentary of the landscape of the digital workplace.

There are opportunities to meet some of the authors at upcoming events for the rest of the year (see event-page of website).