the voice of the VeriSM™ consumer

the voice of the VeriSM™ consumer

Feedback of a professional about his VeriSM™-journey: VeriSM™ is connecting the dots

Regularly we have contact with someone that just got VeriSM™- certified to hear his/her experiences with the content of the books, the training, the exam, how they are applying it in their work, what we could improve etc. The story below is of someone working for Orange  who started his VeriSM™-journey January 2018 and is both VeriSM™ Foundation and Professional certified now.

Not just a certificate… 

VeriSM™ for me was not just a Certificate to be gained; it is the knowledge I was searching for during the past years. I started my self-learning plan in 2015 with the PMP certificate, followed it by ITIL3 in 2016. As I am working in a telecommunication company in the customer care department, I tried to use the ITIL as service management best practice and apply some of the service management concepts learned from ITIL in my work. It wasn’t easy because I am not working in an IT department. It took me a lot of effort to try and draw from ITIL to apply it in my work, and even when I read service management in general I didn’t find the points that satisfy my questions and connected the parts together. In Jan 2018 I received a marketing email from EXIN introducing VeriSM™, I watched the recorded webinar on and one thought kept jumping in my head: “ YES.. this is what I was searching for!!!”, VeriSM answered a lot of my questions, and gave me the direct solutions that connected different knowledge areas together under one umbrella. So I certified on the Foundation level in July 2018, and the Professional in March 2019.  I was really excited reading the official books (VeriSM™: A Service Management approach for the digital age; and VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied), for me they are like a quick reference for progressive practices and innovative technologies. They helped me in discovering a new knowledge area that supports building my career path (especially change management), and a new way of thinking with a holistic view at various levels, especially on the strategic level. I’m so excited and curious waiting for the next step – the VeriSM™ Leader 🙂

Taking a new look from different sides, connecting the small parts together

I tried to apply some of what I’ve learned in VeriSM™ in my daily tasks, even in finding new ideas dealing with the resellers and the processes we have. It has given me a different perspective which has allowed me to connect the small parts together.

It seems like VeriSM™ has been mandatory for my career plan; it connected this cycle/points together (it least for me) in a simple way.


Abdallah Hassan Hafez –