4me and IFDC partner on VeriSM™ for Enterprise Service Management

4me and IFDC partner on VeriSM™ for Enterprise Service Management

The IFDC and 4me, Inc. have signed a partnership relating to VeriSM™, the new service management approach for the digital age developed by the IFDC. 4me is an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution that enables seamless collaboration between internal, external and outsourced teams. There is a very strong link with VeriSM™, which helps organizations to integrate various practices and technologies to enable the delivery of consumer-centric services and products. The partnership will enable 4me to better support organizations in a business environment where outsourcing is more and more the norm.


Martijn Adams, General Manager EMEA at 4me:

“From the very beginning, the VeriSM™-approach appealed to me because it encompasses the whole organization, with the flexibility and customizability to support every stage of their digital transformation journey. Service Management has traditionally been considered as an ‘IT’ capability and this has proven to be a barrier in ensuring seamless integration of services across the enterprise. VeriSM™ will help us in supporting organizations to integrate their services in a way which matches their individual needs and situation. We have created specific VeriSM content in 4me that helps organizations quickly adopt the concept of VeriSM and receive its benefits.”


Sigrid Jansen, manager IFDC:

“We are very happy to welcome 4me as an IFDC partner, as 4me has been involved in VeriSM™-since the early beginnings and their focus on service integration is a very good fit with VeriSM™. The 4me solution recognizes that collaboration is key and that there is no ‘IT and the business’ anymore – since IT is always at the very heart of the business in the digital age. This holistic approach is similar to the VeriSM view of the world, where organizational capabilities work together to achieve desired business outcomes in line with consumer needs.”


About VeriSM™

VeriSM is an enterprise-wide service management approach for the digital age. It provides guidance on the organizational and people aspects of digital transformation, as well as introducing a flexible model to help organizations integrate various management practices and emerging technologies and govern them under one model. VeriSM™ was launched by IFDC towards the end of 2017 and is fast gaining momentum, with early adopter organizations in both Asia, America and Europe, and certified professionals in over 50 countries.

About 4me

4me is an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solution aimed at providing seamless collaboration between internal and external providers at a significantly lower cost than traditional Service Management tools. 4me is the only ESM solution that makes it possible for all internal departments, like IT, HR and Facilities, to work together seamlessly with each other, as well as with the managed service providers to which some services have been outsourced. It allows the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the service levels and other agreements.

About the IFDC

IFDC is a global not-for-profit organization and thought leader in the area of digital competences. As well as 4Me, current partners of the IFDC include 6point6 Cloud Gateway, APMG, BCS, Cranford Group, DANSK IT, EXIN, itSMF International, IVI, Open Group, kabu,com, Perspectium and Van Haren Publishing. The IFDC expects to further expand its partner network in the coming months. 


For more information on VeriSM, please see: www.verism.global

For more information on the IFDC, please see: www.ifdc.global

For more information on 4Me, please see: www.4me.com


VeriSM™ is a registered trademark of IFDC