Danish Computer Society and IFDC partner on VeriSM™ in Nordic region

Danish Computer Society and IFDC partner on VeriSM™ in Nordic region

Danish Computer Society and IFDC partner on VeriSM™ in Nordic region

The IFDC and DANSK IT (the Danish Computer Society) have signed a partnership relating to VeriSM™, the new service management approach for the digital age. DANSK IT has a wide community of members and partners in the Nordic region, and it recognizes the value of the VeriSM™, approach for its members. The partnership will enable DANSK IT to better support organizations within the Nordic region as they move through their digital

Optimal advantage for Denmark offered by the digital age

Rikke Hvilshoj, the CEO of DANSK IT: “The Nordic region is forward-thinking when it comes to digital innovation. Denmark currently ranks 1st out of the 28 EU member states in terms of digitization* and the Danish government has recently announced a new digitization strategy to make sure this position is retained. The digital transformation guidance contained within the VeriSM™, approach can support organizations in both the public and private sector in taking optimal advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital age.”

Perfect fit with the goals of IFDC

Sigrid Jansen, Manager IFDC: “We are very pleased to welcome DANSK IT as an IFDC partner, as both organizations share similar aims in terms of enabling the community to be prepared for the digital age. DANSK IT helps organizations and professionals to develop the right skills and behaviors which are needed to survive and prosper in these fast-moving times, and that is a perfect fit with the goals of the IFDC and the VeriSM™, approach.”

What is VeriSM™?

VeriSM™, is an enterprise-wide service management approach for the digital age. It provides guidance on the organizational and people aspects of digital transformation, as well as introducing a flexible model to help organizations integrate various management practices and emerging technologies and govern them under one model. VeriSM™, was launched towards the end of last year and is fast gaining momentum, with early adopter organizations in both Asia and Europe, and certified professionals in over 50 countries. As well as DANSK IT, current partners of the IFDC include APMG, BCS, EXIN, itSMF International, Open Group, IVI and Van Haren Publishing. The IFDC expects to expand its partner network in the coming months.

For more information on VeriSM™, please see: www.verism.global
For more information on the IFDC, please see: www.ifdc.global
For more information on DANSK IT, please see: www.dit.dk

* Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), 2018