IT VALUE EXPERTS and IFDC announce partnership to develop Digital Transformation capabilities in Japan using VeriSM™

IT VALUE EXPERTS and IFDC announce partnership to develop Digital Transformation capabilities in Japan using VeriSM™

The IFDC and IT VALUE EXPERTS have signed a partnership relating to VeriSM™, the service management approach for the digital age developed by the IFDC. IT VALUE EXPERTS is a Japanese consulting company which supports organizations by maximizing the capabilities of IT organizations and human resources, and dramatically improving the ability to use information.  There is a very strong link with VeriSM™, with its focus on the behaviors and mindset needed to enable the delivery of consumer-centric services and products using technology. The partnership will enable IT VALUE EXPERTS to better support organizations in developing the capabilities needed to ensure their digital transformation efforts are successful.

Tom Hiroki, CEO of IT VALUE EXPERTS: “Many digital transformation initiatives fail because organizations haven’t progressed their service management capabilities to meet modern challenges. VeriSM™ is relevant in today’s changing business environment as it is flexible, focused on value, and it allows you to fully utilize existing frameworks and capabilities. In addition, the end-to-end view of service management in the VeriSM™ approach provides valuable information and knowledge to all the stakeholders involved in the transformation. We are very positive about partnering with the IFDC, as VeriSM™ will enable us to better support organizations to overcome the challenges they face today, and to take giant steps in their journey towards becoming a digital enterprise.”

Sigrid Jansen, manager IFDC: “We are very happy to welcome IT VALUE EXPERTS as an IFDC partner, and to extend VeriSM™’s global reach into Japan. IT VALUE EXPERTS is an innovative, fast-growing company which is focused on helping organizations develop business intelligence capabilities and make optimum use of technology and other resources. This is a great fit with VeriSM™, which helps organizations develop the modern service management capabilities they need to be successful in today’s world. We look forward to working with IT VALUE EXPERTS to accelerate digital transformation in Japan.”

About VeriSM™

VeriSM is an enterprise-wide service management approach for the digital age. It provides guidance on the organizational and people aspects of digital transformation, as well as introducing a flexible model to help organizations integrate various management practices and emerging technologies and govern them under one model. VeriSM™ was launched by IFDC towards the end of 2017 and is fast gaining momentum, with early adopter organizations in both Asia and Europe, and certified professionals in over 50 countries.


IT VALUE EXPERTS Inc. is an emerging consulting company based in Japan. The company helps clients to succeed in the digital era by offering a range of specialized IT management consulting services across various industry sectors. In addition, IT VALUE EXPERTS provides community service “IVE connect” for service management professionals to help them develop skills and competences. Also, IT VALUE EXPERTS plays an active role in promoting digital transformation in Japan, contributing to the digital transformation initiatives by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and itSMF Japan (IT Service Management Forum Japan).

About the IFDC 

The IFDC is a global not-for-profit organization and thought leader in the area of digital competences. As well as IT VALUE EXPERTS, current partners of the IFDC include 4me, 6point6 Cloud Gateway, APMG, BCS, DANSK IT, EXIN, HCL, itSMF International, IVI,, Open Group, Perspectium and ServiceNow, Solutionize Global, Strategic Staff Services and Van Haren Publishing.


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