Early adopter kabu.com and IFDC announce partnership to further adapt VeriSM™

Early adopter kabu.com and IFDC announce partnership to further adapt VeriSM™

The IFDC and kabu.com have signed a partnership relating to VeriSM™, the new service management approach for the digital age developed by the IFDC. Kabu.com is a financial organization from Japan and one of the early adopters of the VeriSM™ approach.

You can read the full case study about their first VeriSM™ -project here

And see a video made by kabu.com here

Sigrid Jansen, Manager IFDC: “I am really glad to be able to welcome kabu.com as an IFDC partner. Kabu.com and Mr. Toda of Strategic Staff Services were one of the first to use VeriSM™ and by using it they were able to reduce lead time and savings on the annual project budget. It also proved to be very useful to use the Management Mesh to combine multiple methodologies.”

About kabu.com

Kabu.com Securities Co. Ltd is an online stock trading and foreign exchange (FX) trading organization, part of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG). It was founded in November 1999, employs 120 people and had a revenue of $217 million USD (profit $54.86 million USD) in 2018.

About IFDC

The IFDC is a global not-for-profit organization and thought leader in the area of digital competences. As well as kabu.com, current partners of the IFDC include APMG, BCS, EXIN, Van Haren Publishing, itSMF International, Open Group, IVI, DANSK IT, the Cranford Group and 6point6 Cloud Gateway. The IFDC expects to further expand its partner network in the coming months.

About VeriSM™

VeriSM™ is an enterprise-wide service management approach for the digital age. It provides guidance on the organizational and people aspects of digital transformation, as well as introducing a flexible model to help organizations integrate various management practices and emerging technologies and govern them under one model. VeriSM™ was launched by the IFDC towards the end of last year and is fast gaining momentum, with early adopter organizations in both Asia and Europe, and certified professionals in over 50 countries.

 For more information on the IFDC, please see: www.ifdc.global

For more information on kabu.com, please see: www.kabu.com

For more information on VeriSM™, please see: www.verism.global