Start of development of VeriSM™ Professional; meet the Lead Authors!

Start of development of VeriSM™ Professional; meet the Lead Authors!

IFDC is delighted to announce that work is commencing on VeriSM professional, the 2nd publication in this exciting service management project

In Utrecht –  last week of January – Chief Architect of VeriSM Claire Agutter met with newly appointed lead authors Johann Botha and Suzanne Van Hove to discuss the content of the new book and finalize the team of 70 global authors, reviewers and contributors. The VeriSM Foundation certification has already been undertaken in 30 countries highlighting the belief from those individuals in the overarching concept of functioning as a service provider to deliver the optimal outcome for all stakeholders.

As previously a huge amount of attention has been given to ensure the worldwide team have a far reaching demographic of experience, career background, and viewpoints to ensure the final product is a balanced text of high value to the reader.

The focus now is on the “how”.

How do you work with VeriSM and encourage an adaptive flexible approach in your teams and organizational structure?

How does it work in action?

The contributing team will be working extremely hard over the coming months to bring the next part of the VeriSM concept to life.

Lead author Johann Botha brings 35 years of IT management experience to the table which comes with it a myriad of accolades including an MBA, a Chartered IT Professional (MBSC-CITP) and a Fellow of the priSM institute (FSM), ISACA CGEIT & COBIT Assessor and Master Black-Belt for the IACB Lean/Agile/DevOps programs.

Johann has extensive IT governance, service and programme/project management experience, which he combines with technical & process knowledge in government, telco, IT, aviation and financial sectors to help customers to improve service delivery or to solve tricky problems. He fulfils a mentoring and coaching role at executive, project, and IT management levels and is passionate about helping people apply what they have learned.

He commented “ I have been an active advocate for service manager to be an organizational discipline since the late 2000’s and was involved in a few of initiatives and discussions about the topic. Sadly none of those lead anywhere at the time, IT was still very compartmentalised in organisations for these ideas to take root. Until VeriSM!

When VeriSM was launched, I said that for me, VeriSM represents the zeitgeist. NOW is the right time to think about Service Management as an organisational discipline. Bearing witness to this is the fact that VeriSM interest is firmly exploding outside of the traditional  IT community and we ARE able to now have a meaningful discussion about Enterprise Service Management.
It is truly an exhilarating feeling to be at the coalface of something new as it develops and unfolds and for me it is really exciting to be part of unwrapping VeriSM and helping people across organizational disciplines apply VeriSM in a practical and meaningful fashion.”

Lead author Suzanne Van Hove has been heavily involved in the 1st VeriSM publication from writing material and reviewing to presenting at conferences, seminars and webinars. Dr. Van Hove is an active Service Management consultant, trainer and coach working in all professional verticals.  Following her passion for education, Dr. Van Hove works within several universities as an adjunct professor delivering Service Management concepts to IS/IT students. As a globally recognized curriculum designer and technical writer, Dr. Van Hove has published several books, blogs, videos, articles and international standards focusing on Service Management. In 2011, Suzanne was awarded the Industry Knowledge Contribution Award by itSMF USA. Currently, Suzanne is the Chair of GIT1 (US Mirror of JTC1/SC40) and the current convenor for JTC1/SC40/WG2 – the international work group responsible for the ongoing development and management of the ISO/IEC 20000 series of standards.  In 2013, Dr. Van Hove was awarded the Lifetime Achievement award from itSMF USA in recognition of her contribution to the industry.

Suzanne observed “ Im more than thrilled to be involved in the next step of VeriSM! While the introduction was ‘groundbreaking,’ it’s in this stage the vision comes to life. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the practical side of VeriSM develop and expand and capture the successes of the early adopter organizations.

The entire team is brilliant — Claire Agutter’s leadership is wonderful and bringing in Johann Botha as a Lead Author is inspirational. When the word “pragmatic” is used, Johann comes to mind. To support this volume, we have such a large community of interest who are already providing their expertise and practicalities… The result: true, organizational wide Service Management!

My advice? Hang on tight, the ride will be phenomenal!”

Chief Architect Claire Agutter concluded “I’m really excited to be working with our global team to look at VeriSM in action. In the second VeriSM publication our focus is on how to apply the VeriSM approach, including case studies and examples from all types and size of organization”

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