What will be the focus of the VeriSM™ Professional publication? update of the Lead Author team

What will be the focus of the VeriSM™ Professional publication? update of the Lead Author team

Suzanne Van Hove and Johann Botha – lead authors of the VeriSM™ Professional publication  – joined Claire Agutter – Chief Architect –  on the ITSM Crowd series on Youtube to give an update on what the new book will focus on. The publication is due to be released in Autumn this year. You can watch the video of Suzanne and Johann speaking here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsy3ZjLhH5Y or read further.
There are over 70 authors, collaborators and reviewers involved in the project to bring together the How of VeriSM™; how can it be implemented to add value throughout every department using service management principles.

In the session, Suzanne describes VeriSM™ as the next evolution in service management; it is about an organization making a statement about being a service provider. Johann is responsible for the structure of the book and answering many of the questions that occur due to digital transformation and disruption as we evolve towards becoming a true digital organization.

  • As a service provider how do we identify what we need to do next?
  • How do we stay ahead of the competition?
  • How do we ensure we recognize and implement the right technology, services and governance within our organizations to ensure we can move towards our goals?

Suzanne is tackling the question that many professionals have been asking: “What is the management mesh and how does it work”? She is working with a team looking at the foundations of an organization and how the management mesh translates into delivery of outcomes, governance and customer experience embodying the values of a true customer focused digital business.

The final words from the lead authors:

Suzanne Van Hove implores :“Every service manager and organization please allow yourself to think differently. It is ok to be uncomfortable with something new but actually the VeriSM approach is actually very safe and stable.”

Johann Botha concludes with two points:  “You will never hear the word VeriSM-compliant, because nobody’s implementation will look the same. Start with what you have. You may not be different today but you will be tomorrow and the day after that and that is the evolution of change”

-The author team, VeriSM and IFDC will be at events throughout the year and providing insights and updates on the website –