Update on second VeriSM™-publication and Digital Transformation Survey outcomes

Update on second VeriSM™-publication and Digital Transformation Survey outcomes

As you may be aware the extensive job of editing ‘VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied’ is well under way ready for publication in October. This will be almost a year since the launch of VeriSM and what a busy year it has been!

VeriSM: The history of the project

The impressive project has been headed up by Claire Agutter as Chief Architect, Johann Botha and Suzanne Van Hove as Lead Authors and a global team of 70 collaborators.

These contributors are from a varied spectrum of industries inside and outside of IT and traditional service management organizations, from diverse career backgrounds and are located across 20 countries. This allows the content to be rich with a wealth of knowledge from different perspectives.

The next stages of VeriSM

IFDC will shortly be organizing a number of webinars around the focus and content of the new chapter to explain in greater detail key messages including the actual implementation of VeriSM, case studies and what the management mesh is and how you would build your organizations model.

This is in addition to events, news and other content we are sharing prior to launch from authors, collaborators, industry thought leaders, training providers and exam institutes. As part of the new publication the IFDC undertook a global survey on Digital Transformation to be published in ‘VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied’.

Digital Transformation, how is it affecting the global workplace?

Survey respondents were asked how digital transformation is affecting their workplace.

Representations came from countries across the world including USA, China, Australia, Japan, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, UK, The Netherlands, Brazil, South Africa, Spain to name just a few. It was important for the survey to provide a global view to reflect the reach of the VeriSM project so far.

Why do organizations feel they need to digitally transform?

What outcome organizations are looking for when considering the reasons behind their needs to digitally transform is a hugely important question. It won’t surprise you to know that top of the list is to increase efficiency, after all we know that the most successful businesses are those that are lean, agile and able to move on initiatives quickly.

What is really interesting is nearly half of organizations surveyed are looking to digital transformation to improve their brand reputation.

With customer experience a hot topic and VeriSM taking the view that everyone is a customer and Service Management needing to be flexible and add value, this statistic is very interesting.

Technology, initiatives, and adaptation to change

What technology is being implemented by organizations, how this has increased over the last 5 years, what percentage of business relies on technology, how many digital transformation initiatives are currently running, ability to adapt to change and the management of that change are further questions we explore in more detail in the survey.

The survey results will be published in full in the 2nd VeriSM publication.

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