10 steps to successful Digital Transformation by adopting, adapting and applying VeriSM™

10 steps to successful Digital Transformation by adopting, adapting and applying VeriSM™

Last week, March 3, IFDC and EXIN – in cooperation with APMG, BCS and Van Haren Publishing – organized a webinar with the title ’10 steps towards successful Digital Transformation – by adopting, adapting and applying VeriSM™.

This webinar was a valuable combination of theory and practice:

  • Theory from the two books that form the Body of Knowledge of VeriSM™; VeriSM™: a service management approach for the digital age end VeriSM™: Unwrapped and Applied.
  • Practice stories of people in the field who shared their experience on how they applied VeriSM™, in which situation and with what outcome.

To give the webinar more structure, the brand new ’10 steps to adopting, adapting and applying VeriSM’ were used. This guide with 10 steps was the next logical output of VeriSM™ after the publication of the two books; as Chief Architect Claire Agutter explains in the webinar: ‘The first book described the ‘what’ of VeriSM™. After the successful release, people wanted to know more about the ‘how’. This resulted in the second book with a lot of guidance and practical examples. But for sure, it is a really ‘big book’. To help people get started, and find their way in the VeriSM™ approach, these 10 steps are created.’

>Find the recording of the webinar here

VeriSM™ 10 steps toolkit

To further help professionals to work with VeriSM™, the guide entitled ’10 Steps to Adopting, Adapting and Applying VeriSM™’ is created. This guide and additional material is meant to give anyone starting with VeriSM™ some guidance to help them on their way to VeriSM™ adoption. This toolkit is available for download on our website. The toolkit contains the following:

  • Detailed infographic of the 10 steps: This infographic includes the 10 steps with all the points of attention for each step. It also has pointers towards the resources where you can get further guidance. This infographic comes in two versions, one for print and one interactive (with embedded links).​
  • 10 Steps Canvas: This infographic includes the 10 steps, with special boxes that you can use to add notes. This version is perfect for brainstorm sessions, where you can add sticky notes with all the ideas and plans for performing each step.​
  • 10 steps Workbook: This document provides high-level guidance for organizations aiming to adopt, adapt, and apply VeriSM™ or for consultants helping organizations to do so. It gives points of attention for every step and provides you with pointers on where to find more resources and knowledge. You can print it and use it in your workshops or send it to your peers for them to add their comments.​

> Find the zipfile containing these documents here